Immune system

The immune is made up of a network of tissuecells and organs that work together to protect body. One of the important cells involved are white blood cell, also called leukocytes

Immune means ‘untouched’or ‘free’ from something this is the most complex in the human body that consists of different organs,the nervous System, proteins and cells. All the system components work together and their smooth work help people to stay healthy and resist pathogens.
The immune system performs the function of neutralise viruses, bacteria and fungi. Recognise potentially harmful substances that gets inside the body from environment, and provides support necessary to fight somehow change the cell.

An outstanding fact is that the human body remembers which proteins are dangerous. There are two types of immune system namely the innate and adaptive. The innate immune system is responsible for the general defence. It targets non-specific pathogens, Especially different bacteria. Genetic factors influences the human immune system,they play a vital role and protect the infants until there adaptive immune system became well developed.

The adaptive immune system creates antibodies, special agent that are learnt to respond in a specific way. It is developed after the organism has overcome a certain disease. In the future the immune system will respond faster and more efficiently.

So,immune system should function properly in order to maintain and overall health people should avoid stress, have balanced diet, sleep enough, do sports and drop smoking. Therefore they will not weakens there immune system and live a longer and healthy life.

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